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"Thousands of Pieces, Tons of Smiles"

Glass Cases of Sours and Gummies, Fresh Fudge made on site, Root Beer Barrels (40lbs. = 2,000 pieces) Hundreds of glass jars everywhere.

Mary Jane leads the pack in popularity... wearing Candy Bracelets and Candy Necklaces, eating Candy Buttons while drinking Mint Juleps with Pop Rocks used instead of salt!!!

Squirrels sitting on stools eating Bits of Honey While drinking Capn' Eli's Root beer from the tap in frosted mugs. Salt Water Taffy bagged with Waxed Moustaches in a Top Hat and ready to devour chocolate cigarettes, or puff and blow on Bubble Gum Smokes. Cadbury Allsorts for those licorice lovers and Black Pipes and Waxed Lips for the party scene. Nip-O-Nips in bottles in their own suitcase, with Marpro Marshmellow Ice Cream Cones to cool the mouth after devouring a fireball.

We stock the largest Jawbreakers in Psychedelic Sours and regular jawbreakers... kids love these. Old Fashioned Candy Sticks in jars along with the large Lollipops and Swirl Sticks all from Pennsylvania.

New to be added in the 2012 season will be more made in "Maine"goods, Maple products along with sea salt, and spices.

Now that the kitchen is done... stay tuned for other sweet treats , along with specialty products from other Maine producers.


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