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Candles From Six US Companies, Plus Tapers and Cones From Denmark
Mass Produced Jar Candles, Tarts, Tapers, and Accessories by the Following:

Yankee Candle Company

Tyler Candle Company (Soy) - Home of the 96 oz. candle for your spa.

Sienna Candles (Beeswax)

George Carruth - Molded from hand carved creations just like SunRise Corner Beeswax.

Beeswax Tapers - No color, no scent, just honey - long burning, dripless, and smokeless candles.

Special Label Candles - Made in Maine for those who want a premium quality candle, and to support local Maine businesses.

Ester and Erik Scandinavian Candles made in Denmark

Cone Candles and Toppers
These candles are dripless, scentless, smokeless and self extinguishing with burn times of 13 hours and 25 hours. They do not require a container.
These come in numerous colors. Availability is limited as these are a hand-made imported item.